Synaptic Risk Explorer:
Risk Profiling and Asset Allocation Research Tool

Synaptic Risk Explorer combines client risk profiling using the UK’s leading psychometric attitude to risk questionnaire from A2Risk, aligned with asset allocations from Moody’s Analytics.

The model offers two key attributes: reliable probability-based forecasts of investment outcomes for goal-based financial planning, and portfolio risk analysis which can be used in the assessment of capacity for loss with clients.


Synaptic Risk Explorer helps professional financial advisers to meet their compliance and suitability responsibilities.


Client risk profiling

Access the market-leading investment strategy combining the A2Risk attitude to risk questionnaire and Moody’s risk categories and asset allocations.



Full suitability assessment

Synaptic Risk Explorer supports goal-based financial planning as well as providing research to demonstrate proof of suitability.



Complete cost analysis

Analyse cost of investment recommendations, capturing platform, product, portfolio and adviser charges. Synaptic Risk Explorer provides risk and cost analysis to MiFID II standard.


Risk Explorer was developed using best in class technology and our digital expertise in the financial services sector. Our intuitive solution will help financial advisers deliver quicker and better services to their customers.
Stephen Ferry, managing director of Synaptic Software

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